Expert engine repair services to keep you moving

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Routine engine maintenance such as regular oil and filter changes help to ensure a long, high-performance life for your vehicle's engine.  Winchester Auto & Truck LLC excels at keeping engines healthy.

But with high stress and so many moving parts, engine problems can occur.  Bring your car to Winchester Auto & Truck right away for engine warning lights, difficult starting, or other signs of poor performance when operating your vehicle.

Common problems may include:

  • ignition system wear or failure from the coils and cables or spark plugs

  • dirty or inconsistent fuel injection system delivering fuel to your engine

  • warning lights that we can diagnose on the way to repairing the root problem

Winchester Auto & Truck is equipped to provide minor repairs, replace timing belts at recommended mileages, recondition major parts like cylinder heads, or install total engine replacements.

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Other repair services include:

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