Heating & cooling repair for a comfortable ride

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There are times when you want to drive with the windows down and the breeze blowing through your hair.  But for all other times, you want your car's heating and cooling system bringing you the exact comfort you dial up.


Winchester Auto & Truck LLC quickly identifies automotive heating and cooling problems, and offers repairs to give you ride comfort in every way.  (For a limited time, see heating & cooling coupon above.)

If your AC is blowing warm air, your heater is blowing cool air, your defroster is not working, or you notice other symptoms of a climate control problem, let us know right away.

Sometimes a coolant system flush is in order, replacing old dirty coolant with fresh so your car can shed excess engine heat before it reaches the cabin.  A periodic radiator flush will clean out sludge or other deposits that affect performance.


At other times, age may dry out your fan belts or hoses, which produces cracks.  An expert replacement will return performance to your car or truck's comfort systems.

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Other repair services include:

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