Winter tire care so you can keep moving safely

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Winchester Auto & Truck LLC wants to keep you rolling with safe, balanced tires that are right for your vehicle and the conditions you drive in.

Rotating your tires regularly is an important job, to even out the pace of wear and to give you the best possible grip on our Randolph County roads and beyond.  We include tire rotation in our Oil Change Combo (see coupon above).

Winchester Auto & Truck offers all the major tire brands, in stock or next-day delivery for a quick installation.  We will be happy to help you compare tire models to find the set that's right for your car or truck -- and your budget.  Customers find we are often cheaper than Walmart, so give us a shot!

With any purchase of 4 new tires, we offer alignment service for $20 to make sure your entire steering system is ready to perform smoothly.

Symptoms of tire wear include visibly uneven tread depth, low tread depth overall, or vibration of your vehicle or steering wheel while driving.  Let Winchester Auto & Truck take a look right away so we can get to the real issue and fix it up quickly.

Leaking air due to a puncture or poor seal?  We can fix those quickly, too!

Call ahead and we'll be ready for you: 765-595-8225.


Other repair services include:

We appreciate your business.  Call or visit soon!

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